$SPY finished a running flat on 15 min wave 2 Elliott Wave 2-8-19

What we have today the Friday is a running flat that ended at $270 that is waiting to start head down in the 3rd wave. It was looking like the 2 was in place where the arrow blue arrow at running flat is but the price action did a 180 at $267.37


Another crucial day for the $SPY tomorrow , Friday the 11th 2019

Why is it crucial for $SPY to test $260 and then falter, because that is what the B(AB) wave is supposed to do. On a 2h chart you can see the last  decline from $280 till now corresponds with the 61.8% at $263 and the current uptrend or the ABC the C should end at the confluence of 161.8%  fo the magenta 1, 2 wave.

.Any time there is confluence, then we can be most certain.

SPY Elliott Wave prediction for last day of 2018!

Daily Chart Elliott Wave Count: The retrace of the last trend move is 50% so this is a wave 4 , if it was a wave 3 then it should have only retrace 38% or there about. Since this is a 4th wave the next move must be reversal to form a triangle. The past 3 days formed a ABC 3 wave move and since reversed , so it is heading down lower.


The 5th wave bottomed on the 5 min chart at $232.61 and set  course of ABC to potentially form some sort of flat correction. The ABC move happened in a 2 day period with almost a 1000 point  in 2 consecutive move which prompted to make people think that this was the rebound and every one were euphoric about a bull market resumption. The $SPY has just finished a 50% retrace of the previous move in a typical ABC flat correction. The Friday price action was whip saw like in going back and forth. It had tested the resistance of $250 in pre market but had to come back and test that again in regular market there my shaking all the week hands on double top and dropping like a rock after that test. If this indeed is wave 3 of a larger downtrend then this can be counted as a 1-2

Elliott Wave Zig Zag variation

The Elliott wave analysis on the spy has been a very elusive one so far and the most curve ball I have seen is this one below.As  you can see, that the expected next leg on the ZZ had a twist where the sharp triangle move seemed like a move down to finish the second triangle ended up being a continuation of a 3,4&5 move. to finish the larger degree ZZ.

Lulu Predictions

Weekly on LULU seems like the AB leg in progress of a larger move and then upon confirmation of the end of the B leg , a trade to take on BC leg is most probable trade . If it coincides with the $SPY reversing from its UP move in its triangle 4th wave sequence.


Canada Goose is on the BC leg correction of the ABC and once the correction ends , should see a reversal trend, wait for confirmation as of 12/16/18

Case for ticker symbol AMD, forward looking waves as in Elliott Waves

If you look at the weekly drawing for AMD, the wave count is on the downword movement and the first leg of the Zigzag has fallen 15 pts and the correction leg or the AB leg of the zigzag hasto be around 50% of that and by that expectation this wave is only 4 points into that 50% retrace.


If you look at the hourly chart, the purple is the highest degree there is since the price action started going south. A Zigzag has been completed and we are in the corrective wave of that larger degree. Now if you look closer to the corrective wave form. it is a leading diagonal with a 5-3-5-3-5  and the last 5 wave is yet to come, watch!!!!!

On 11/9 morning at 7.43 the beta was in 3’s


Put to call ratio was .672

Cellphone tower landscape is going to change, and you will be not surprised

The advent of 5G has been long coming and the way it has done it is that of many ways in which you can get valuable information is very unique. When the 5g network starts beaming its light of cell phone signal at us , we would be hard pressed to realize that it is here. 4G paved the way for 5G and we did not see it coming. When we were busy changing phones and living our lives 1 social network at a time and one post from getting likes to one post getting blocked by Facebook. The Facebook revolution was the ultimate nail in the coffin of society we used to know. The old ways of meeting people at a bus station, at a coffee shop or at the gym is not the IT. The cool people have moved online to meet, greet and forget all on the same day. We have always since the day of dawn have evolved to use the most powerful organ of ours , the Brain. We automated killing for meat with farms. We automated the entertainment with Television, farming with machinery and even battle by Nuclear weapons.

I think it is very appropriate to expect our kids say , “OK Google”, ‘Tell my mom that its time to change my diaper’ before we can expect them to say “mom” . The 4G network has exceeded its limit of operation and it is ready to be sent to the back burner. The new flavor of this data hungry millennial is 5G , the world thinks, it is ready to move on to the next thing. The Internet and the WiFi enabled us and opened our eyes to what is possible and what is not. We want virtual reality and without 5G network , that will not be possible. So, this is all about that and virtual reality is going to get this power hungry data loving society the best solution. You know the AR’s and VR’s are just waiting in the wings to get word that the 5G network is deployed in all cities and the frenzy will pursue.

Comparison of the top 3 WiFi signal boosters

Wifi boosters have become ubiquitous with modern day living. Eero is the brand every one is raving lately about, the reason is that it is very simple to setup and it works. They are not cheap can cost you upto $500 on the 2nd generation Eero, however they are best when it comes to setting up a mesh network. What is a mesh network you ask? With a mesh network you can create an umbrella around your house to such that they are pounded with a strong wifi signal and especially if your home is peppered with a lot of devices that uses wifi signal such as your ROKU, HULU boxes, VUE, and laptops to play video games then this is a must for such house holds.

The TP-Link AC190 is the most recommended router for homes with about 1000 sq ft and for a very good reason. Beam forming technology was introduced a long time ago during the roll out of the 802.11n standards of communication protocol. That technology had no recognized standard that the device manufacturers on the other end namely the laptops, TV or phones had no guidance to take advantage of that technology and as a result its real effectiveness in real life was never capitalized. However, the new 802.11 ac protocol standards did recognize that deficiency and rectified it in its newer versions. Basically before the 802.11ac protocol they router was broadcasting Wifi signal in all directions and wasting a lot of bandwidth that was not utilized. The beam forming technology basically targeted the target device like a heat seeking missile and directed its signal to that device.

The Linksys Velop is another one that comes in close comparison to the Eero and it covers a 6000 sq ft area with ease in and around the home with no extra set ups or devices.


Telus has reported it is wanting to grow its fiber optic system in Greater Montreal with a $111 million interest in fundamental foundation. Before the finish of 2016, states the organization in a discharge, the system will extend more than 4,000km.

“Montrealers know us fundamentally as a remote organization, and may not realize that Telus has 3,500 colleagues in Montreal committed to helping organizations and the medicinal services framework flourish by encouraging their reception of new correspondences advancements,” said François Gratton, official VP and leader of Business Solutions East and Telus Québec, separately.


The development is set to expand the system’s transmission limit and extend its scope to zones, for example, Old Montreal, Anjou, Boucherville, Dorval, Ile-Bizard, Pierrefonds and Pointe Claire.

Furthermore, Telus is including indoor circulated Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) — systems that give remote administration inside a geographic territory or structure — in different well being and instruction offices this year, for example, Montreal University, the Jewish General Hospital, and the McGill University Health Center.

This is one of the telecom’s initial phases in its arranged $2 billion venture into Quebec foundation declared not long ago and proceeding to 2020. Telus says this venture adds to a normal $340 million this year alone.

Different concentrations of interest in the territory will incorporate enhancing remote systems, developing the appropriation of IoT arrangements, advancing cloud benefits and broadening its electronic restorative records business.

SureCall Fusion7 HDTV Signal Booster

The SureCall Fusion7 WiFi, Cellular and HDTV Signal kit is considered as the first 7 band signal booster auctioned on the market that will enhance 3G, voice and 4G LTE for the carriers in North America. It has everything you needed to boost the signal, WiFi and HDTV that includes necessary requirements such as cellular antennas, cables, a HDTV antenna, a WiFi router to interface with the existing network and the Fusion7 amplifier.

It is specially made for its use in US and Canada. Except Asian, African and European countries as it have different frequencies as in North America.
Key Features of the Product:
o Improves cell phone reception, extend WiFi coverage, and enhances HD signal
o Reduces dropped calls
o First 7-Band Signal Booster in the Industry
o 4G data rate Highest in the Industry
o Extended battery life
o Boosts voice, 3G and 4G LTE data signals for most major North American cell carriers
o Kit includes easy installation with everything you need.

Fusion7Omni4Domeweb-300x300Many factors affect the total coverage area of a signal booster system. The given are assumptions only and may not be correct in any individual situation.
Coverage Area:
o When you experience an existing strong 5-bar outside signal, you may get up to 6,000 sq ft of coverage inside
o When you experience an existing 3 to 4-bar (-90 dB) outside signal, you can get 5,000 sq ft of coverage inside
o When you experience an existing 1 to 2-bar (-100 dB) outside signal:
o If you have an Omnidirectional outside antenna, you may get up to 1,000 sq ft of coverage inside
o If you have an Directional outside antenna, you may get up to 3,000 sq ft of coverage inside
o If you have nil existing outside signal, this kit will be useless. For this kit some existing signal outside would be beneficial.

Supported Carriers:

The SureCall Fusion7 Signal Booster Kit supports the voice, 3G and 4G LTE networks from most carriers in the US and Canada. Here is a more prescribed analysis of the carriers, networks and frequencies boosted by the SureCall Fusion7:

o Verizon 2G, 3G & 4G LTE

o AT&T 2G, 3G, 4G H+ & 4G LTE

o T-Mobile 2G, 3G & 4G LTE

o US Cellular 2G, 3G & 4G LTE

o Sprint 2G & 3G

o All other carriers that uses 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 1900 MHz, and 1700/2100 MHz (AWS)



Have you ever two-faced a situation wherever you’re in the middle of an important voice communication, like one with a prospective employer and your call is connected? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ then mobile phone boosters is your answer. These are tiny devices that facilitate to extend the signal strength and vary received and sent by your phone, helping to stop dropped calls.

Why INVEST in mobile phone Boosters?
Dropped calls may be extremely frustrating. These boosters, by amplifying the coverage of your mobile phone, not only reduce born calls, however take away distortions and improve the phone’s overall clarity. These devices function like home amplifiers, by capturing the near signals and transmitting them to your call phone. One quality cell phone booster can increase your cell phone’s signal strength by as much as five hundredth.

Boosters also work effectively in remote locations that have weaker network signals. Common problems two-faced in poor reception areas, like static, pop and weakening of the audio knowledge area unit considerably diminished with the utilization of those boosters. mobile phone boosters may be utilized in cars to attenuate the impact of signal alterations whereas traveling.
Internal models: These are like paper-thin cards which can be placed under the phone’s battery. These ‘sticker-like’ boosters area unit straightforward to put in and that they may be modified as and once required even as handily. Internal booster’s area unit fairly effective in buildings and populated areas, however lack the power to amplify signals in remote areas.
External kits: This cell phone signal booster is externally attached to the cell phone kit, with a small antenna. This antenna can be mounted with relative ease. External boosters have considerably greater power than its internal counterparts. These boosters are extremely effective in cars, helping to use the vehicle’s energy source to transmit superior signals to the mobile phone.
Calls than you’d commonly expertise. In fact, you’ll be able to almost always judge having a powerful cell signal if you have got your phone connected to the automobile telephone booster adapter. In alternative words, you carry a mobile phone signal with you from purpose to point.