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Harris Communications Cell Phone Repeater Boosters for Home or Office, Reshape Cell Phone Technology

Harris Communications’ launches a new line of cell phone antenna repeaters which brings new power to their customers and users by improving their dropped calls which was the past experience. At that time communication used to be very slow, inconvenient, and untrustworthy. Before the innovation of cell phone amplifiers (in fact, even before any type of phones), only signals of smoke were used to send messages in the village areas. Although they used to travel a great distance, still there were numerous flaws: they cannot be used during windy days, they used to create large amounts of heat, also they couldn’t work at night, and enemies could easily intercept them. On the other side, it was very rarely found of losing bars in the middle of a conversation. But thanks to Harris Communications, which helped in making dropped calls to return to the past. Their innovative of this new line of cell phone signal amplifier for home or office amplify and power up corresponding signals, which also enables the cell phone coverage in any buildings wherever it may be required. In their words they “design, engineer, install and maintain these enhanced wireless networks that are guaranteed to improve voice and data communications for building and enterprise owners.”

FCC Approval

On the positive side of this, all their packages are approved by FCC. This new technology of cell phone repeater booster is launched to remove the problem and to meet all the specifications which are set according to FCC regulations. This Yagi antenna takes the help of all wireless providers which will help to produce ongoing wireless connections without any interruptions and are according to the FCC deadlines of 1st march. Their innovative of this new line of  cheap and best cell phone signal amplifier amplify and power up corresponding signals.

Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Particular Phone

Cell Phone Boosters have achieved a huge success in homes or offices or cars. Companies are also making cell phone boosters for particular Cell Phones also. For example:- Wilson iBooster which is especially made for Apple iPhone as everything on iPhone is depending on the strength of its network. It is also heard that some companies have started manufacturing special type of boosters according to different models of companies like for Nokia, HTC or Samsung.


Change for 2G to 3G to 4G.

Cell phone signal frequency level has been upgraded double in the recent years; first of all, 2G system was improved to 3G and then the 3G got improved to 4G. But the main idea is that, these entire three signal spectrum are now common worldwide. Due to some reasons 2G has the maximum number of consumers even today. In the starting of the cell phone signal repeater for office or home when it was introduced, it was only made for 2G networks. But with the increase in high demand booster companies were involved in the making of cell phone repeater boosters for 3G Network also. This was the starting phase of cell phone boosters for home when it was not too old in market. It is not very old story when 4G Network was introduced by numerous companies; this gave birth to booster for 4G network. Yeah, the main reason was the growing population which has helped in improving the level of cell phone booster technology. This is because of the fact that such growth in population has increased the usage of cell phones worldwide which have created huge distortion in signal receiving worldwide. To handle the increasing problem day by day or minute by minute, there is lot of pressure on the boosters manufacturing companies to improve them in quick regular periods.


Why cell phone booster is today’s important need?

World is changing day by day or we can say that we are at such stage where things are changing dramatically every second. This all is due to very high competition in every sector; this high competition is giving birth to a new discovery every day. Cell phones today are also going through changes every day, every day we use to see a new cell phone launched with something new. Sometimes manufacturers changes the configuration of cell phones or sometimes they use to introduce whole new feature in to their new model OR sometimes they use to do both at same time.

The demand and supply of cell phones have rose at very high pace in recent times and that have made whole world at our palm. This sudden increment in cell phone users have increased the problem of cell phone network congestion because cell phone signal towers are not going installed din same ration and neither can be because of many reasons. Cell phone does have made our lives very simple but network problem is creating huge problem.

Who is most affected?

People living in hilly areas or living jungles are very old patients of low signal disease. But network congestion have created problem for people living in cities too. People living tight colonies or working in factories use to face the problem of low signal coverage a lot.

Why only home cell phone signal booster?

Many researcher tried many experiments to get rid of this problem but only thing worked is a cell phone booster. Wilson was the first to launch cell phone antenna booster in market and they are the one who took it to so much success. The idea of amplifying the low signal strength worked worldwide and that effected the mobile communication in entirely positive manner.

The such a success in getting rid of low signal problem gave signal booster for cell phones a boom and it have become one of the most needed things of today time

Why You Need a Cell Phone Signal Booster?

As cell phones were invented, people had very minor problems like cell phones were costly. This was the only problem to handle, but now when owning a cell phone is very easy and cheaper, problems have increased instead. It is great mess to be a cell phone owner. We never get proper signal reception. Calls get dropped often and sometimes even the worst happens. We are unable to make and receive calls despite of having signals in our phone. These signals are very weak that important calls are not made or received, and if made somehow, get dropped in the middle. This is very disturbing. These are the situations when people get so irritated that sometimes they break their cell phones and are ready to pay any amount to give them capability to use their cell phone without such nuisance. They want to make their cell phone a true wireless device at any cost.

There is only one invention of science that can help here and the device is called signal booster for cell phones. It has many names and has gained very much popularity since its launch in the market. This booster has an amazing quality to boost the weak signals it can fetch. There are boosters for every kind of cell phone. Boosters for cell phones of latest technology are also available. The iPhone signal booster for home was recently launched and 3G and 4G boosters were also launched some time ago. The size of a booster is very small in case of a booster that can support a single cell phone at a time. This booster is as small as a SIM card you use and can be easily placed behind the battery of the cell phone. It remains un-noticed by others. Other boosters that are for special purposes like satisfying more than one cell phone with a device are comparatively big. This kind of cell phone signal amplifier has an external antenna, internal antenna, base unit and coaxial cable. The external antenna is placed at such a position from where it can fetch weak signals easily. And the other parts of the cell phone signal repeater need to be installed very carefully according to the instructions for best results too.

What made cell phone boosters so important?

In this world most of the peoples are having knowledge about the boosters. But it is not enough that the peoples have a great use of signal boosters. It is not enough to knowledge about the outer part of the signal boosters. There should be a great knowledge about the internal structure of the signal booster. Also you should have the installation and operating tricks. To install a cell phone signal booster antenna you should first know about the components used in the booster installation. There are three main components in the booster system installation. First the external antenna and the second is the internal antenna.


Both the antennas are having different functions to work. The third main component is the amplifier which is used to increase the signal strength of the cell phone signals. The external antenna fitted in a cell phone home signal booster catches the signals from outside. The internal antenna sends the signal after amplification. Besides this, some wire is also required in the installation at the homes or the offices. These wires are hooked to the cell phone and then hooked to the amplifier. Installation may be the wireless. It can help in the area where no static provision is given. The moving vehicles and the lift contain some this type of installations. A cell phone signal amplifier is ready in the market to help you. You can make area where the range of the signals is so good that it is easy to handle the weak signals.


A cheap cell phone signal amplifier also provides the safety from the diseases from the rays. These electromagnetic rays cause the brain tumor. This will make you tense when you suddenly know that you have a disease like brain cancer. The battery life is also increased with the installation of a cell phone booster 4G. This booster installation makes an environment where no more searching is needy for a signal. So battery has to do low work while finding a signal. Also the electromagnetic rays have a stronger concentration on your phone not on your body. A signal booster works in the frequency range like 900MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz range systems. It is applicable in all the cell phone service providers.

Easier Life With Cell Phone Signal Booster

Life could be more easy and simpler if we add cell phone booster into our cell phones. Cell phones are very common now days and in today’s modern world right from the kid to the old person, every other is using the cell phone due to necessity, fashion and trend. Cell phone booster is the hot selling product in the market, as everyone wants to get rid off from the problem of bad network and wants quality voice and powerful signals. Cell phone signal booster has made our life simpler by amplifying the signals and receiving better signals in our cell phones.

While dealing with your client regarding some important business issue, and suddenly if you lost your call as well as your deal due to bad signal network, in this case cell phone signal booster could helped you out. So, why to take a chance, experience the device and find the better results in your cell phones. Manufacturers have done the research and have concluded that the boosters perform well in analog phones rather than the digital one. While buying the cell phone, in human mind what comes the first is the good voice quality in the phone, but apart from cell phone, it also depends upon the network your phone is using and the network your cell phone is catching from the tower.

You can experience cell phone booster amplifier only after testing it, you wont believe it unless you will use it, you will get to know its importance only when at urgency you need to make a special call. Installing cell phone signal booster is very simpler and it hardly takes a minute. MOS factor is the one which is used for calculating the quality. Quality could be checked by the cell phone signal booster by using the device. Signals sometimes depend completely on how near by you are to the tower.