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zBoost ZB545 SOHO Dual-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster Reviews

Living in a remote area always created problems like low signal strength or call drops. I was thinking to get a cell phone signal booster installed from a long time and I lost my patience when I lost a great deal due to call drop which obviously happened due to low signal strength. I lost very high amount that day.

Then i researched for solving this problem and I got to know that there are only couple of things I can do at my end to resolve this issue. First was changing mobile operator which I didn’t opted because of simple reason that in my remote area there is problem of low signal with every operator. Second option was to install a cell phone booster which is first thought that it cannot be possible but after reading many online forums and listening to many users. From a very basic research i opted for zBoost ZB545 SOHO for home, beyond research there was one more reason for choosing this booster and that is a friend of mine was using it and he was super satisfied with this booster.

I ordered this booster from and I got it within quoted delivery time. I bought it online because I read too many reviews about online and that made my mind to go for it. Delivery was on time and product was well packed.

One thing I didn’t liked about this product is that it comes with very low end quality cable which I replaced with my co-axial cable which I bought from market consulting zBoost.

After installing ZB545 SOHO, the cell phone signal strength dramatically increased to full 5bars and I was amazed. Reason behind my amazement was not that a cell phone booster solved my problem so easily but reason was that I was amazed with my self and was cursing myself that why i didn’t installed it a long time ago.