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Are you living in a Mobile Home and you are getting Low Signal Coverage? Here is the Solution

mobile homePeople living in Mobile Homes mostly live in area too far from cell phone towers or lives in areas like countryside. In such areas, the strength of signal use to be low always and in addition the materials used to make in Mobile Home makes signal to get weaker. Another reason I found for low signal in Mobile Home is it’s compactness, Mobile Home use to be very compact and everything in them use to be adjust tightly, this compactness makes strong layer of troubles for mobile signals to penetrate in Mobile Home.

So, what could be done?

Buying a new home? You can do this if you have money and you have no need of Mobile Home. Buying a home requires lots of money in today time and if you are going to do this only for week signal then that might be worst step. You may not get full signal strength in your new home too.

Finally, get a cell phone signal booster.

Personally I recommend this, installing a cell phone booster can easily take you out from low signal problem. You can buy a cell phone booster from according to your need and install it by reading the manual guide which comes along with it. You will see dramatic change in signal strength. Please keep in mind that a cell phone signal booster do not create or manufacture signals but it amplifier low signal to full bars strength.