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SureCall Introduces 3 new Boosters

SureCall is one of the top leader in market of cell phone booster technology and good news is that they have announced three new models recently. SureCall is first company to introduce signal booster which can boost three different types of signals at one time i.e. cell phone signal, HDTV signal and WIFI signals. First model is SureCall Fusion 7 which boost all kinds of these signals. Rest two boosters are EZBoost models which are capable of boosting 2G/3G/4G signals and good thing is that they have made installation too simple for these boosters as they have eliminated the need of outdoor/roof-mounted antenna.

SureCall have decided to keep rates very competitive and market friendly. Fusion 7 will be available for less than $1200 and which is quite reasonable price for such configuration. One of two EZBoost booster could be priced at $800, this is 5Band booster, another one can be priced at $400 and that one is dual band booster. It is expected that these three boosters will be launched in starting of March.