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“What to Buy and What Not to” A Guide for Cell Phone Booster Buyer

If you are one of the many low signal problem patient and you are looking for an cell phone signal booster to solve your problem then this article is for you. Cell phone signal booster is a device specially made to solve the problem of low signal strength. In the cases where there is minimum signal strength, in such cases cell phone signal amplifiers are the best solution for the problem. Many people does have many question regarding cell phone boosters which will be explained in this article.



What is a cell phone booster, is it really work?

Cell phone booster is a boosting device made to boost the low signal strength and yes it do work perfectly if the model you have bought is meets your requirements and has been installed in a needed manner. Cell phone boosters has result of 100% signal strength in cases where signal strength use to be minimum of one bar. This is to be noted here that a booster do not works at places where the signal strength is ZERO because it requires at least one bar signal strength which can be boosted by its boosting unit.

What will you find in cell phone booster pack?

In general cases, there sue to be 4 to 5 things in pack of booster and those are – Outdoor Antenna, Indoor Antenna, Boosting Unit, Cable(for wiring) and needed installation tools. In booster like Weboost Cradle, the Boosting Unit and Indoor Antenna use to be combined to make one unit but these kinds of booster have very low market coverage.


Outdoor Antenna

Very first thing which needed to be installed is the Outdoor Antenna, this antenna use to capture the low signal strength coming from tower and transmits it to boosting unit via cable. Before getting an Outdoor antenna you must clarify that if you want to boost signal strength of multiple providers or only from one provider because there are two kinds of Outdoor Antennas available which are Omni Directional Antenna and Yagi Antenna.

Omni Directional Antenna – this antenna is for those who are will to boost signals of multiple providers. This is to be noted here that Omni Directional Antenna has to be installed at place where the signal strength is normal. As this antenna has to be installed outside, the medium signal strength can be found easily.

Yagi Antenna – This antenna works for signal from single provider only. If you want to boost signal of single carrier provider then this is the best antenna. Good thing is that this antenna can work at minimum signal strength, although it is advised to install it at good signal area.


Boosting Unit

This is the device which should be installed after the Outdoor Antenna. Boosting unit use to boost the low signal to higher levels and booster’s most of the working depends on this unit. The frequency of booster is tells that how much area the boosted signal will cover and you should buy booster keeping same in mind. Our advise is to buy next level cell phone booster and avoid the booster which just fits in to your criteria. Reason is simple, in many cases it has been seen that there are lot of disturbances inside buildings to for signal to travel, an higher end booster will boost signal more and will help you more efficiently and in covering whole space.


Indoor Antenna

Indoor antennas use to be installed in side building or structure where the boosted signals are needed. There are two kinds of indoor antennas – Panel Antenna and Dome Antenna.

Panel Antenna – If you live in multi-story building and you want to cover the entire building with boosted signal then this antenna is for you. All you have to do is to install this antenna at any wall of top floor, facing upside down. This antenna works in single direction and therefor it covers much larger area.

Dome Antenna – This is kind of cubical shape antenna, it has to be installed at rood facing upside down. This antenna is only to serving limited area like big/small hall or big/small flat. This antenna will not work for multistory buildings.



Cables also plays very important role in boosting signal strength, it not only transmits signals from one part to another but it can make you lose signal. Best cable available for cell phone boosters is Ultra Low Loss LMR400 but fact is that if the cable length exceeds 50ft then it lose the signal strength of around 2dB. Some people installs cell phone boosters with regular TV coaxial cable which according to us should be avoided because this cable has ability to lose 5dBs after 50ft length. Best way to preserve signals is to use cables as minimum as you can.