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A simple buying guide for cell phone signal booster.

Ok, you have planned to get out of low signal problem in your home or office and that is great. Now, you may have too many questions in mind before buying a cell phone signal booster. Over all there would be one major question and i.e. “which one to buy?”. Yes, that is a tough question and you need not to worry, i will make it simple for you.

First of all, you need to know that how much area you have to cover. An assumption will work but it should not be any less, you can go on higher side. One you have calculated that how much area you want to cover then it comes on the fact that how many mobiles are there in your place and how many service providers are there. For example, if there are more the 3 devices and each device has different service provider then you have to make a note of that.

Now, this is stage of deciding that what frequency cell phone booster you need. Every signal amplifier comes with noted frequency range on it and my advice here is to get a next level booster. If you need to cover 1000sqft area then it is advised to get a cell phone repeater which can cover more then 1000sqft area. Reason is simple that there can be many things at that place which can cause boosted signal to get week like thick walls. A level up booster will boost signal for more area and these obstacles will be automatically gone.