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A simple buying guide for cell phone signal booster.

Ok, you have planned to get out of low signal problem in your home or office and that is great. Now, you may have too many questions in mind before buying a cell phone signal booster. Over all there would be one major question and i.e. “which one to buy?”. Yes, that is a tough question and you need not to worry, i will make it simple for you.

First of all, you need to know that how much area you have to cover. An assumption will work but it should not be any less, you can go on higher side. One you have calculated that how much area you want to cover then it comes on the fact that how many mobiles are there in your place and how many service providers are there. For example, if there are more the 3 devices and each device has different service provider then you have to make a note of that.

Now, this is stage of deciding that what frequency cell phone booster you need. Every signal amplifier comes with noted frequency range on it and my advice here is to get a next level booster. If you need to cover 1000sqft area then it is advised to get a cell phone repeater which can cover more then 1000sqft area. Reason is simple that there can be many things at that place which can cause boosted signal to get week like thick walls. A level up booster will boost signal for more area and these obstacles will be automatically gone.

Why cell phone booster got so much importance in recent times and why it will grow in coming time?

Wilson introduced first cell phone booster a long time back and since then this product has seen huge growth. The market of cell phone booster is growing at very high pace and only reason behind that is that cell phone signal providers are unable to solve signal problem at their end. Now as the problem of low signal was causing lot of problem in receiving and making calls, that gave birth to cell phone boosters. Cell phone booster is device which can boost the signal strength and spread it to needed area. cell-phone-driving
The low signal problem is growing at very high speed and which is causing lot of call drops and message drop problems. This problem is creating lot of panic all over the world and has been emerging as top problem. Cell phone booster at this time is only solution to this problem and it is the best. Due to perfect signal boosting technology, cell phone signal amplifiers has seen sudden and huge growth in recent years.
It is been noticed that sales of cell phone signal repeaters has seen 300% growth in past couple of years. It is believed that the sales and importance of cell phone booster will grow just because of the fact that service providers are not willing to solve the problem at their end anytime soon.

“What to Buy and What Not to” A Guide for Cell Phone Booster Buyer

If you are one of the many low signal problem patient and you are looking for an cell phone signal booster to solve your problem then this article is for you. Cell phone signal booster is a device specially made to solve the problem of low signal strength. In the cases where there is minimum signal strength, in such cases cell phone signal amplifiers are the best solution for the problem. Many people does have many question regarding cell phone boosters which will be explained in this article.



What is a cell phone booster, is it really work?

Cell phone booster is a boosting device made to boost the low signal strength and yes it do work perfectly if the model you have bought is meets your requirements and has been installed in a needed manner. Cell phone boosters has result of 100% signal strength in cases where signal strength use to be minimum of one bar. This is to be noted here that a booster do not works at places where the signal strength is ZERO because it requires at least one bar signal strength which can be boosted by its boosting unit.

What will you find in cell phone booster pack?

In general cases, there sue to be 4 to 5 things in pack of booster and those are – Outdoor Antenna, Indoor Antenna, Boosting Unit, Cable(for wiring) and needed installation tools. In booster like Weboost Cradle, the Boosting Unit and Indoor Antenna use to be combined to make one unit but these kinds of booster have very low market coverage.


Outdoor Antenna

Very first thing which needed to be installed is the Outdoor Antenna, this antenna use to capture the low signal strength coming from tower and transmits it to boosting unit via cable. Before getting an Outdoor antenna you must clarify that if you want to boost signal strength of multiple providers or only from one provider because there are two kinds of Outdoor Antennas available which are Omni Directional Antenna and Yagi Antenna.

Omni Directional Antenna – this antenna is for those who are will to boost signals of multiple providers. This is to be noted here that Omni Directional Antenna has to be installed at place where the signal strength is normal. As this antenna has to be installed outside, the medium signal strength can be found easily.

Yagi Antenna – This antenna works for signal from single provider only. If you want to boost signal of single carrier provider then this is the best antenna. Good thing is that this antenna can work at minimum signal strength, although it is advised to install it at good signal area.


Boosting Unit

This is the device which should be installed after the Outdoor Antenna. Boosting unit use to boost the low signal to higher levels and booster’s most of the working depends on this unit. The frequency of booster is tells that how much area the boosted signal will cover and you should buy booster keeping same in mind. Our advise is to buy next level cell phone booster and avoid the booster which just fits in to your criteria. Reason is simple, in many cases it has been seen that there are lot of disturbances inside buildings to for signal to travel, an higher end booster will boost signal more and will help you more efficiently and in covering whole space.


Indoor Antenna

Indoor antennas use to be installed in side building or structure where the boosted signals are needed. There are two kinds of indoor antennas – Panel Antenna and Dome Antenna.

Panel Antenna – If you live in multi-story building and you want to cover the entire building with boosted signal then this antenna is for you. All you have to do is to install this antenna at any wall of top floor, facing upside down. This antenna works in single direction and therefor it covers much larger area.

Dome Antenna – This is kind of cubical shape antenna, it has to be installed at rood facing upside down. This antenna is only to serving limited area like big/small hall or big/small flat. This antenna will not work for multistory buildings.



Cables also plays very important role in boosting signal strength, it not only transmits signals from one part to another but it can make you lose signal. Best cable available for cell phone boosters is Ultra Low Loss LMR400 but fact is that if the cable length exceeds 50ft then it lose the signal strength of around 2dB. Some people installs cell phone boosters with regular TV coaxial cable which according to us should be avoided because this cable has ability to lose 5dBs after 50ft length. Best way to preserve signals is to use cables as minimum as you can.

SureCall Introduces 3 new Boosters

SureCall is one of the top leader in market of cell phone booster technology and good news is that they have announced three new models recently. SureCall is first company to introduce signal booster which can boost three different types of signals at one time i.e. cell phone signal, HDTV signal and WIFI signals. First model is SureCall Fusion 7 which boost all kinds of these signals. Rest two boosters are EZBoost models which are capable of boosting 2G/3G/4G signals and good thing is that they have made installation too simple for these boosters as they have eliminated the need of outdoor/roof-mounted antenna.

SureCall have decided to keep rates very competitive and market friendly. Fusion 7 will be available for less than $1200 and which is quite reasonable price for such configuration. One of two EZBoost booster could be priced at $800, this is 5Band booster, another one can be priced at $400 and that one is dual band booster. It is expected that these three boosters will be launched in starting of March.

Are you living in a Mobile Home and you are getting Low Signal Coverage? Here is the Solution

mobile homePeople living in Mobile Homes mostly live in area too far from cell phone towers or lives in areas like countryside. In such areas, the strength of signal use to be low always and in addition the materials used to make in Mobile Home makes signal to get weaker. Another reason I found for low signal in Mobile Home is it’s compactness, Mobile Home use to be very compact and everything in them use to be adjust tightly, this compactness makes strong layer of troubles for mobile signals to penetrate in Mobile Home.

So, what could be done?

Buying a new home? You can do this if you have money and you have no need of Mobile Home. Buying a home requires lots of money in today time and if you are going to do this only for week signal then that might be worst step. You may not get full signal strength in your new home too.

Finally, get a cell phone signal booster.

Personally I recommend this, installing a cell phone booster can easily take you out from low signal problem. You can buy a cell phone booster from according to your need and install it by reading the manual guide which comes along with it. You will see dramatic change in signal strength. Please keep in mind that a cell phone signal booster do not create or manufacture signals but it amplifier low signal to full bars strength.

Comparing Swift Secrets For Cell Phone Signal Booster For Large Building

Every person is a fan of latest and advance technology and I am also one of them. I love smart phones, iPad, laptops etc. Smart phone helps me to improve my personality and keeps me connected to my friends and family all the time. It also provides me the great experience of gaming, movies etc. There was only one thing, which makes my experience of using cell phone bad that was low signals. Low signals give a rise to lots of problems for me like distraction in call and slow internet.

Then I start searching on the internet about the drop down signals and found that signal problem arise due to the lots of numbers of cell phone users and lack of mobile signal tower. After that, I searched about its solution and saw the device cell phone signal booster. I read the cell phone amplifier reviews, where it was mentioned that this product increases the signal bar of the cell phone with advance and latest technology.

Then I purchased one cell phone signal booster device from the website of Cell Phone Booster Store. I didn’t know about the installation process, but this site also provides me the information about installing the booster device step by step, which helps me to install this booster device.

There is no doubt that signal booster is the best device and every person should use signal amplifier system in his or her home. The signal amplifier system also keeps us safe from the harmful radiation of the cell phone. Cell phone emits radiations to receive the best signals but signal booster gives the better signals without effort, which don’t let cell phone emit harmful rays.



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Easy Advice For Office Cell Phone Signal Booster Around The UK

There are many AT&T cell phone signal amplifier devices available in the market. People find it difficult to get the best signal booster, that will suit their needs. Today I am going to tell you that how can you get the best signal booster device.

Firstly it is very important for you that, you should know the purpose of purchasing the Verizon cell phone home signal amplifier. Means, for which use do you want a cell phone booster system. If you need to amplify the signals in your home, then you should buy cell phone booster for home, but if want a signal booster for your office, then you should buy cell phone signal booster for office. Home cell phone booster is available at a cheaper cost, but signal booster for office comes in higher prices.

Another thing is an area, in which you want to boost the signals. In how much area you want to boost signals? Normally cell phone signal booster for home boost the signals up to the area of 5000 sq ft and cell phone signal booster for office boost the signals up to the area of 20000 sq ft.

If you want to boost the signal during travelling, then you should buy Wilson Cell phone signal amplifier for car and other vehicle. It is very easy to carry this kind of device. This kind of cell phone booster is available in cheap prices.  The car signal booster system connects with the cell phone very easily and gives the best cell phone signals during traveling.

In Americal, about 72 percent people are facing bad cell phone signals. All the popular cell phone carriers are also not able to give the clear network to their users. That’s why, it has become very necessary to purchase cell phone signal booster.

You can buy cell phone booster from the cell phone booster store at very cheap prices. It is an online website, where you can find a signal booster device according to your need. This online store also provides the return policy. So, if you are not happy with the signal booster system, then you can return the device under terms and conditions.



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Simplifying Straightforward Signal Booster For Home Systems

How many times your mobile show low signal bar on its screen? Do you know that, slow speed of the internet is also the result from low signal strength?

Now a day, it is one of the difficult task to get the proper signals on the cell phone. It is a time, when most of people like you, are dependent on the google and on other internet websites for any kind of information. Mobile phone devices are getting more and more popular because of this feature of high speed internet. People use smart phones for their studies, for social networking and for connecting with their friends all the time, but slow internet stop people to do all this kind of stuff.

How can you get the best and crystal clear network in your cell phone? Are you a person, who needs a device than can give you the best cell phone signals, so that you can do proper calling and you can use the best speed of internet?

Cell phone booster is the answer to all your questions. AT&T cell phone signal amplifier is the great ability to enhance the strength of the mobile signals. This set of small components perfectly catches the signals, directly from the signal tower, then amplifies those signals through amplifiers and emit those signals with the help of an internal antenna.

If you are a home user, then it is very important for you, to purchase that kind of Verizon cell phone home signal amplifier, which can fulfill all your needs.  Means, if you live in a home, which is under the area of 7000sq ft, then you should purchase a booster device that has the ability to give the signals under that much area. It is also important things and it matters that, how many cell phone users want to boost the signals of their cell phone. You want this system for one user, then you can buy this system in a little amount of money, but if you want a signal booster system , that amplify the signals of many cellular phone users, then you will have to pay more amount for that kind of booster system.

Now, if you are thinking that, from where you can get this device in best possible prices then I have an answer to this question also. The cell phone booster store is the best online shop of these Wilson Cell phone signal antenna for car. There are lots of the booster system available in this store for the kind of of cell phone users. Here are the devices, which are best in quality and cheap in prices. This online store also provides a return policy to its customer under terms and conditions, so if you feel the issue with device after purchasing then you can also return the device.


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Aspects In Cell Phone Signal Amplifier For Home

The cell phone is the one of the most popular devices on this planet. Every person has willing to have this device. There is the reason for the popularity of the cell phone. Firstly cell phone avails lots of facility and features. Now cell phone has been converted into smart phones, which means now people can get entertained, do social networking whenever they want and where ever they want. But poor signals are only the major issue with the mobile phones. There might be a person, who didn’t face the problem of bad signals. People even change their cell phone carriers for getting better signals but even this technique also did not work properly.

But Cell phone signal amplifier for home is the best and the perfect device to get the clear cell phone signals. This is the very best device to boost up the signals of mobile device. It is the best example of latest technology. Many of the big companies and commercial places are using this device to give the best signals to common people and employees. This signal booster device comes from home, to vehicle and also in the office. So, no matter where you are and who you are, this device can provide the best signals to you at any place. This Cell phone signal repeater device comes with antenna, amplifier, charger and cables. All the components work together.

If you want to buy this device then you can get this device from the cell phone booster store. It is the online website; from where you can get the best quality signal booster device at cheapest price. This website also gives you return policy. So, if a customer is unsatisfied then he and she can return the product in a fixed time period. The cell phone booster store is the multi brand shop, means you can buy an cell phone signal amplifier for home sprint from here of latest and popular brands like Wilson Electronics and many more.


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Understanding Necessary Factors for Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home

Today people are totally dependent on the technology. It gives us lots of gift like lights in our house, computer and cell phones. But if we talk about cell phones, then it is the device which is improving day by day. Now cell phone is converted into the smart phone. Smart phone is totally a perfect device which provide us great features like calling, messaging, internet surfing, watch movies and listing songs. All these features come in the single device. It is the reason and most of the people have the smart phones.

But when we talk about calling on our mobile then we have to get disappoint because to poor signals. It is the issue with every cell phone user. And if you go to the rural areas then you found more drop down call there because of distance in network tower and low number of tower,

After a long research we have the perfect solution from these issues named Cell Phone Signal Amplifier for home or office. This booster device works great for providing the clear networks. This device is the set up of adopter, amplifier, antenna, mobile holder, charger and cable. It takes the signals from the networks tower with the power of 2500MW.

Wilson electronics is the one of the most popular brand in electronics items and this company has provided the long chain of cell phone signal amplifier for Verizon device to us, which comes for every purpose and in different prices. It also introduced cheap cell phone signal booster in the market. The Cell Phone Signal Amplifier for AT&T devices by this company work very effectively and are durable for the very long time.


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