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$SPY, $AAPL and $BABA wave counts for the month of April 2019

If you read the news today witht he DOW dropping 150 points and the NASDAQ looking to open lower the Boeing announcement of cutting the 737 MAX production and the big news that GE dropped more then 10% it all looks like doom and gloom. However the $SPY technical chart tells a different story that we are in a 3rd wave of (3) that is usually the strongest bull move. The signs are not all that strong at this moment but we still have ways to go to $293-$295 and we are currently sitting at $288 . The next $5 move should be a strong move.


Apple is on a 3rd wave move as well and this looks like another strong move to the upside how ever the RSI and MACD have negative divergence that seems to suggest that they are going to either reverse or have a consolidation.



Where are we in the Elliott Wave Count on S&P 500 as of March 3/9/19

As the chart below shows, we are in a corrective pattern falling from that massive resistance on top at $282 region a week ago. The corrective pattern ensues in a ABC of which the A subdivides into 5 waves, B in 3 waves and C in 5 waves to finish the pattern.  What you see below is an hourly time frame. The sharp decline from near $282 to $276 is the initial wave 1 (A) which retrace back into Wave 2(A) to $278 . Now according to Elliott wave theory the wave 1 is typically either .38%  or .618 % of the entire move. Going with the .38 % the end of wave 5 should put us at the yellow spot on the diagram which is $268.72 when confluence with the Fibonacci time ratio.

Also looking at the channelin dotted line shows how the wave 3 the strongest  so far has retrace back to the channel line should end at $268.70

Another crucial day for the $SPY tomorrow , Friday the 11th 2019

Why is it crucial for $SPY to test $260 and then falter, because that is what the B(AB) wave is supposed to do. On a 2h chart you can see the last  decline from $280 till now corresponds with the 61.8% at $263 and the current uptrend or the ABC the C should end at the confluence of 161.8%  fo the magenta 1, 2 wave.

.Any time there is confluence, then we can be most certain.

SPY Elliott Wave prediction for last day of 2018!

Daily Chart Elliott Wave Count: The retrace of the last trend move is 50% so this is a wave 4 , if it was a wave 3 then it should have only retrace 38% or there about. Since this is a 4th wave the next move must be reversal to form a triangle. The past 3 days formed a ABC 3 wave move and since reversed , so it is heading down lower.


The 5th wave bottomed on the 5 min chart at $232.61 and set  course of ABC to potentially form some sort of flat correction. The ABC move happened in a 2 day period with almost a 1000 point  in 2 consecutive move which prompted to make people think that this was the rebound and every one were euphoric about a bull market resumption. The $SPY has just finished a 50% retrace of the previous move in a typical ABC flat correction. The Friday price action was whip saw like in going back and forth. It had tested the resistance of $250 in pre market but had to come back and test that again in regular market there my shaking all the week hands on double top and dropping like a rock after that test. If this indeed is wave 3 of a larger downtrend then this can be counted as a 1-2