C33 Car Booster – A Synonym to Seamless Phone Signal

A wired car booster is nothing but a booster that is to be connected with the mobile directly. A wired car booster is a tractional design, and looks like an old fashioned device as now most mobile phones do not get a port to connect with the car booster anymore, and people want opt to go wirelessly. Amidst these drawbacks, it is still quite useful for few applications.
A wired car booster has better performance than wireless one, thus for special applications, a wired car booster is still the best.
Broad band modem still gets the port, and the wired car booster is the most suitable one for optimal performance, especially when 3G is becoming popular and data service becomes a trend. In this particular case car booster actually turn into a home booster.
Kit includes:
1. A 12V car lighter power supply (or a power adaptor when used for ships, or at homes).
2. A car booster
3. A magnetic antenna with 3m long cable.
4. The cable with signal adaptor to connect booster with mobile phone gain, or indoor wide band antenna7dBi gain.

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