Dual System – Huaptec vehicle C35W – ED

Huaptec vehicle C35W-ED dual system provides a reliable and genuine two-way cellular coverage by enhancing signal strength in any kind of vehicles where cellular reception is weak or unreliable.

The system amplifies the signal from the nearest cellular tower and retransmits it at a higher power level to the vehicle area. This manual provides a very simple installation instructions that will make the cellular booster kit set in record time.

Kit contents:

  •  Vehicle cell phone booster C35W-ED dual system 50 dB
  • 5 dB magnetic antenna mounted on the roof of a vehicle
  • Patch antenna used for interior of vehicle
  • DC power adapter with 6 cable.

The kit parts should be installed at one and the same time before being connected to each

other. There are 4 steps namely outdoor antenna, booster, indoor antenna, and power supply.

Thus forth, you will need to connect the outsider/inside antenna and the power adapter to the booster.

Vehicle booster

 The vehicle booster should be hidden in the corner of the car, near the power supply.

The booster is a full-duplex amplifier and it improves the signal both inside and the vehicle outside.

Outside antenna

 Mount magnetic antenna. Its recommended location is about 20cm/8inch from the rear of the car.

The function of outside antenna is to receive the signal from the base station and transmit it through the feeder to booster. Being bi-directional it also transmits the signal back to the base station from the booster.

Inside antenna

 Small Patch Antenna which has 2dBi gain is adopted. The proposed location is at 3/4 height of the glass which is shown in the installation graph. If your vehicle is larger, it’s recommended to install it in the place where signal is weak.

The function of the inside antenna is to transmit amplified signals to mobile phone and also back to the booster.

Power supply

 Plug the system into 12V power supply, the vehicle charger can also work; the booster can be fed directly by the vehicle’s power.








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