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Cellular signal challenges In Urban Environments

Like many other buildings of offices in urban environments which are densely populated, the Manhattan headquarters of media of New Bay Media targets employees for new cell phone signals upcoming challenges. Those who are working for a long time have complained about the lack of cell phone network coverage. Business tells the company about issuing cell phone signal booster for home and for them who are routinely getting problem of dropping calls or never connected due to bad signals. As for using applications in smart phone or any other data tools, then forget about using it for your homes. Cell phone network was so bad in some buildings so an ideal case study was made for installation of Wilson cell phone signal booster. So when Wilson Electronics who is a manufacturer of cell phone signal amplifying equipment, and CK Technology Group, which is a New York City-based IT company, were planning to install a cheap cell phone signal booster, the NewBay Media staff was also thrilling at the prospect of having wilson cell phone signal booster. Within the area in NewBay, the print and Web brands are occupying different floors. Adding to the complexity which had been faced by CK Technology, both the brands offices are located three floors apart and on different sides of the building. Brad Peskin, director of operations of CK Technology, had led to the initial site survey for determining the precise inside locations where coverage was needed and for which cell carriers. The next step was the determining of the best area for locating cell phone signal booster for home. This antenna collects cell signals from outside the building and amplifies them inside the building where they then can easily be distributed to the referred areas that has zero coverage. Peskin gave it a name “feeder” antenna.

Mounting Cell Phone Signal booster on roof

Under normal circumstances this feeder antenna would be mounted on the roof of any building. But mounting this cheap cell phone signal booster on a Manhattan roofs must require the owner’s permission. Of course these might take some time which might delay your project.  Peskin had designed a system for avoiding his problem for New Bay, installing a feeder antenna for each floor mounted inside the building, where there is strong signal. However implementation of this solution might be complicated with the requirement of radio frequency antennas which is the principle of separation distance. If there is insufficient distance between a feeder antenna and a distributor antenna – which can distribute cell signals to those areas inside the building that need better coverage, oscillation may cause trouble. The way we got around this likely scenario at New Bay, was to put the external amplifier for the 12th floor system on the ninth floor and the external antenna for the ninth floor system on the 12th floor. Peskin also explained about the windows in the corners of each floor with adequate available signal and used window-mount antennas to feed the system for both floors.