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Comparison Reviews of Different Cell Phone Booster for Vehicles

CM2000-WL-40_zoom wilson801201topThere are three wireless Cell phone signal booster for vehicle offered by powerful Signal. This equipment is being tested in fields and can now be used in Remote Mountain and desert areas of southern Utah, Arizona and Nevada.  This has a powerful Signal quality which has a policy of carrying out best products to perform and offer value to their reliable customer. There are many manufacturers who are asking to use their product.  This has been brought and their in-house product for the review and testing to find out any problems. Field testing is done on the product, usually alongside so to compare how it performs on other units as well.  If it does not perform, Wilson Wireless Cell Phone signal Booster cannot be carried.  The quality of this product is also taken into consideration.  This bi-directional cell phone signal booster prefers metal housings over plastic because of its durable and RF component isolation nature.  Most products do not pass in testing so cannot be carried forward.  These three Wilson Wireless Cell Phone Signals Booster have been tested and performed well.

Wilson Amplifier

The Wilson 801201 amplifier can be used with different outside and inside antennas.  The box consists of the Wilson 801201 contains the amplifier, vehicle power supply and interior antenna for broadcasting. Cell phone-Mate has been the best in the past couple of years and has come out with their 3rd version of a mobile amplifier booster, the CM2000-WL-40.  The box consists of an amplifier, 5dB magnate mount antenna, inside broadcast patch antenna, wall plug power supply, and vehicle power supply. The Wilson amplifier is not like others and has now gone through many changes. The Wilson 801201 is classified as a 3-watt amplifier.  It is in a study of blue metal case along FME-Male connectors to be connected with antennas.  The amplifier has 3 lights on the face; a power light, an 800MHz light, and 1900MHz light.  These indicator lights show the functional status of the amplifier. The Wilson 301127 Low Profile comes in the Wilson 801201 kit.  Strong signal allows you to amplify from outside antennas.  This bi-directional cell phone signal booster helps you use the kit the way you want to. The Cell phone-Mate CM2000-40 comes in a complete kit for installing and using. It comes in complete kit with an interior patch antenna and a 12″ magnet mount rooftop antenna. Wilson over the years has been the leader and the Wilson 801201 is still used as the standard to measure up to.  This unit performs well and but it is built very roughly.  This is also used as a Cell phone signal booster for vehicle. It is impossible to find any difference in performance between the Wilson 801201 and the CM2000-WL-40.  Cell phone-Mate is also working hard for its best performance as a mobile booster.  The CM2000-40 (Ver. 3) will be very beneficial.  You can save money by buying another set of antennas for your vehicle but it might disappoint you.

Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75 Cell Signal Repeater Booster, Review

This is a brand new Cell phone signal booster for vehicle named Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75.  Wilson had delivered this to major dealers recently. This is Wilson’s largest cell phone booster.  It is a dual-band bi-directional cell phone signal booster 800/1900MHz amplifier. This case of amplifier is new for Wilson. This is a small achievement with bi-directional cell phone signal booster against other manufacturers. We can imagine its future; this metal case will become the standard for the largest bi-directional cell phone signal booster by Wilson. There are mounting tabs at each corner so that this can be mounted on walls and female connectors on each side.  This is an industry standard and makes the amplifier ready to be connected to coax with N-Female connectors. The Wilson Wireless Cell Phone signal Booster 301127 works best when it is mounted in a vertical position. Avoid mounting this antenna against a metal surface. An interior broadcast antenna is connected to the amplifier in the vehicle. The Wilson 301127 is used to amplify the cell signal in the vehicle.  The antenna is flat and rectangle.  It is mounted with Velcro.  A Velcro patch is the size of the antenna which is included. The entire piece is not required to hold the antenna in place and sometimes it can be mounted at multiple locations in the vehicle where you want.801280

Adjusting the Amplifier

The Wilson 801280 AG Pro 75 is Wilson’s first cellular amplifier. Wilson Cell Phone Signal Boosters have automatic adjustment.  The new manual adjust method is very simple and easily understandable.  Each frequency is having their own adjustment knob.  The knob controls power of the amplifier. The amplifier can be adjusted if the inside and outside antennas are connected once. Turn each adjustment knob to increase the power until the indicator light goes red or blinks red, and then back it down a bit till the light goes green.  This can bring each frequency to the maximum power without oscillation or any tower problems.  Antenna oscillation is when the inside and outside antenna broadcast over each other. Oscillation can cause issues with the tower carrier so the Wilson 801280 will be shut down if they are showing red lights.  The farther the antennas are from each other, the more power can be used which can increase the interior broadcast signal. As a rule-of-thumb, there should be 50 to 75 feet of separation between the interior and exterior antennas. The Wilson Wireless Cell Phone signal Boosters are the top choices for many homes and small offices.  The simplicity and power of this amplifier have proved the ability to improve signal in the 5,000 ft range with a single antenna. Larger spaces can be covered depending upon various conditions.  This AG Pro is a 70/75dB cell phone booster can handle two internal antennas with the help of a splitter very easily. The adjustability of the amplifier can be implemented in various situations and will allow systems to be environmental friendly.


Wilson 801212, Cell phone signal booster for vehicle

The Wilson 801212 is a model of cell phone signal booster for vehicle manufactured by Wilson Electronics. This is useful to get a strong signal in your vehicle while travelling. Wilson has brought this make it easy for customers in purchasing the right products. Antennas are connected to the Wilson 801201 amplifier along with strong FME connectors.  The FME connectors are connected to the metal case.  All components have to be tightened for use.  No additional tools are required for connections.

Wilson Wireless Cell Phone signal BoosterWilson-8012121

The Wilson 801201 has been there since years. Many internal revisions have been made in this product. Initially it had multiple circuit boards.  Now it has changed to a single board with a sleeker new metal case. This is a 3-watt cell phone booster which is considered one of the best Wilson wireless cell phone signal booster. This is a nice cellular hot-spot cell phone signal booster for vehicle. The amplifier has 3 indicators in the front.  All lights green indicates the cell phone booster is fully functional.  Red indicates oscillation.  When in oscillation, the amplifier will shut down.  This is an excellent feature while driving.

Frequencies and Carriers

This is a bi-directional cell phone signal booster. This means that all carriers are using these frequencies for their work.  Both 2G and 3G frequencies can be boosted.  But 4G is using new frequencies as this does not support 4G. The Wilson 301103 is also available with this kit. It is made well with the magnet which was improved in last year. This antenna is having attached coax and the coax is having an FME-Female connector at its end. Coax is used to run signal in the mounting location to amplify and is placed under the vehicle seat. The Wilson 301103 has experience of many years.  As a vehicle antenna this is found to be a good one.

Vehicle Power Supply

A vehicle power supply is also attached with the kit.  This power supply has a fuse in the end with on/off switch.  The on/off switch has a light which helps to know if the booster is on.  This feature is nice for those who have receptacles that are always on.  A 3-watt amplifier can lower down the car battery when the car is not running and its switch is on, so make sure to shut down the booster is not in use. The Wilson 801201 amplifier is a 6v device and the power supply converts this from 12v power supply to 6v.  Make sure if you are using some other power supply that it must match with the 6v specifications.  This power supply is also available for using it inside a building. It is well-built and has the best performance.  This is probably one of the best cell phone signal booster for vehicle in the market.  There are other systems with similar performance, but if you can afford the Wilson Wireless Cell Phone signal Booster, then it will be beneficial.